Protection of the Environment through the Promotion of Biomass for Substitution of Fossil Fuels in Heating and Power Generation

  • Heating and power generation in the cross border area are heavily based on fossil fuels. Besides the power generation of electricity based on lignite in both sides of the boarders, lignite is also heavily used for space heating purposes.
  • An operational district heating network in Amyntaio municipality managed by DETEPA and one that is in the design stage in Bitola are based on lignite as they are utilizing or planning to utilize the redundant heat of the power stations in the area.
  • The core idea behind the project is to extent the knowledge capital of the region regarding the utilization of biomass as a source of clean energy mainly for heating. Moreover to facilitate the penetration of the biomass use through a number of demonstration projects, dissemination activities and study visits on EU region where biomass is widely utilized.
  • The lignite thermoelectric power plant operating in the regions and providing heat for the district heating networks (under planning in Bitola, and operational in Amyntaio) are rather outdated and there is a threat of stop operating in the near future; thus a more sustainable and not polluting alternative energy source like biomass must be considered.
  • Agricultural economy in the region can be reinforced by utilizing its byproducts as an energy resource.

Project Partners

The project partners are: the Municipal District Heating Company of the Wider Region of Amyntaio (DETEPA), Greece (OLP and LP1), the body responsible for the installation and operation of district heating system in Amyntaio, the municipality of Bitola, from Pelagonia Region, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FLP and LP2) and the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia (TEIWM), Greece (PP3), expert in Buildings Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources fields.

The «Greece – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border programme» 2007-2013 is a cross-border cooperation Programme co-financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). The Programme focuses on promoting sustainable economic and social development in the border areas and assisting co-operation for addressing common challenges in fields such as the environment, natural and cultural heritage and public health. The Global Objective of the Programme is “to enhance convergence in the programme area by promoting sustainable local development”. The total budget of the Programme for the period 2007-2013 is 31.549.722,00 €.